About Windros


Welcome onbord Windros to experience the wonderful Bohuslän archipelago. We dock at Bohuslän’s wellknown islands and you find all the comforts onboard, such as comfortable sofas, sun deck and a bar.

Windros offers comfortable seating and in the salon 50 persons can dine simoustaneously. Enjoy the sea and archipelago in sun chairs on upper sun deck, or follow the route from a comfortable sofa indoors.  There is a bath room onboard, comfortable for the disabled too, and the bath room works just like the ones ashore.  The ship capacity is 75 passengers.

There is a combined bar and cafeteria onboard, where you can find both beer, wine and spirits, as well as sandwiches and snacks. The personnel onboard is serviceminded and experienced.

We co-operate with good catering companies as well as certified guides and well-reputated restaurants. When you charter Windros we can tailor your boat trip to your wishes.

Windros was built in 2005, with accessibility and EU security standards in mind. Considerable efforts have been made to assure the boat runs as silently as possible, as well as it being comfortable.